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2003 League Draft

Round 1

1. Bay Area Pigs: Clinton Portis, RB, Broncos
2. West Lafayette Mafia (from WCW): Hines Ward, WR, Steelers
3. Windy City Whiplash (from DS): Tiki Barber, RB, Giants
4. Windy City Whiplash (from WLM): Laveranues Coles, WR, Redskins
5. Washington Punishers: Chad Johnson, WR, Bengals
6. Liberty Boom: Jerry Porter, WR, Raiders
7. Motor City Juggernaut: Charles Rogers, WR, Lions
8. Tampa Bay Hustlers: Donald Driver, WR, Packers

Round 2

1. Bay Area Pigs: Derrick Mason, WR, Titans
2. Windy City Whiplash: Andre Johnson, WR, Texans
3. Dallas Stallions: Trung Canidate, RB, Redskins
4. Dallas Stallions (from WLM via WCW): Tommy Maddox, QB, Steelers
5. Washington Punishers: Chad Pennington, QB, Jets
6. Liberty Boom: Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seahawks
7. Motor City Juggernaut: Byron Leftwich, QB, Jaguars
8. Dallas Stallions (from TBH): Josh Reed, WR, Bills

Round 3

1. Bay Area Pigs: Quincy Morgan, WR, Browns
2. West Lafayette Mafia (from WCW): Mark Boerigter, WR, Chiefs
3. Dallas Stallions: Joe Nedney, K, Titans (note- slot skipped due to time limit expiration, pick made after R3P4 selection)
4. Windy City Whiplash (from WLM): Larry Johnson, RB, Chiefs
5. Washington Punishers: Onterrio Smith, RB, Vikings (note- slot skipped due to time limit expiration, pick made after R3P8 selection)
6. Liberty Boom: Curtis Conway, WR, Jets
7. Motor City Juggernaut: Jay Feely, K, Falcons
8. Tampa Bay Hustlers: Derrius Thompson, WR, Dolphins
9. Washington Punishers: Emmitt Smith, RB, Cardinals *
10. West Lafayette Mafia: Amos Zereoue, RB, Steelers *

* - indicates a compensatory pick for losing a player to free agency

Round 4

1. Bay Area Pigs: Willis McGahee, RB, Bills
2. Windy City Whiplash: Roy Williams, WR, University of Texas
3. Tampa Bay Hustlers (from DS): Steve Smith, WR, Panthers
4. West Lafayette Mafia: Bryant Johnson, WR, Cardinals
5. Washington Punishers: Carolina Panthers Defense
6. Liberty Boom: Jeremy Shockey, WR, Giants
7. Motor City Juggernaut: Joey Galloway, WR, Cowboys
8. Tampa Bay Hustlers: Stacey Mack, RB, Texans

Round 5

1. Bay Area Pigs: Marc Bulger, QB, Rams
2. West Lafayette Mafia (from WCW): Jason McAddley, WR, Cardinals
3. Tampa Bay Hustlers (from DS): James Thrash, WR, Eagles
4. West Lafayette Mafia: Philadelphia Eagles Defense
5. Washington Punishers: Paul Edinger, K, Bears
6. Liberty Boom: Tai Streets, WR, 49ers
7. Motor City Juggernaut: Robert Ferguson, WR, Packers
8. Tampa Bay Hustlers: Chris Brown, RB, Titans